Chronicle Chart
Chapter1.The Young Days
Chapter2.Debut as an Embroidery Artist
Chapter3.Embroidery Work
to Comprehensive Studies
Chapter5.Gratitude and the Future

p22 2012 was the 40th anniversary of Nire no Kai―an atelier for the creation and study of embroidery in Shibuya. It may be high time to look back on the story of Chieko Hoshiai, my mother, as well as a prominent embroidery artist, to share her experiences and feelings with the people who have worked with her for many years.
 Everything she has worked for―from the studies of her youth to the day-to-day embroidering, and from the publications and exhibitions of her work to her study of the history of embroidery and its manifestations in different cultures―has shaped what Nire no Kai is today.
 I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the many people who have helped Chieko Hoshiai for such a long time, by dedicating this book to them all
Mie Hoshiai

A Greeting from Chieko Hoshiai
 I am happy for my daughter, Mie, to have edited this book that captures my life as an embroidery artist. It was a process that involved me seeing a lot of old photographs, many of which I thought I’d lost long ago. And through the various interviews with Mie, I was happy to recall many more things than I had expected. As a result, this book was created. And because of this, many sentiments, events, and data that would have otherwise been lost can now be saved, and for that I am sincerely grateful to Mie.
 This book introduces a part of the 145 miscellaneous pieces of embroidery I currently own. I hope these photographs and their accompanying explanations bring as much joy to the people who love embroidery as they did to me when I created them.sing