1969 First Exhibition at the Moon Light Studio, Tokyo Foundation of Nirenokai
1973-75 Moved to Chicago, U.S.A. Her work first appeared in "Chicago Tribune", "Ladies Home Journal", following in several other American magazines.

Chieko knew "Needlepoint" for the first time in the U.S.
Although Japanese Embroidery and so called French Embroidery were already popular in Japan, there was no such needlework technique in Japan yet.
She studied "Needlepoint" very hard and mastered that technique. She resolved to introduce "Needlepoint" to Japan.
1976 Came back to Japan, following numerous exhibitions in the major cities of Japan by Nirenokai
1990 Reproduction "The Bradford Table Carpet" by Nirenokai.
1992 TV Talk Show regarding "The Bradford Table Carpet"
1993 Visited sights for worldwide embroideries and reported them in Japanese Magazines and books
1994 Began a correspondence course called "Needlepoint"
1995 Gave numerous lectures, wrote books and continue to give lessons at her studio and schools
1997 Participated in the "2nd Biennale Internationale de Broderie D'art" Uille de Bayeux in France.
1998 The Covers for Futaba Publisher's monthly magazine "Mysterious Novels" were decorated by her embroidery for a full 12 month
1999 Reproduction "La Tapisseri de Bayeux" by Nirenokai
2000 From 1969 to the present she has had numerous exhibitions in Japan.
2001 Opened Home Page: http://www.nirenokai.com/
2002 Continued holding her exhibitions and held the 30th Anniversary party for the opening of Nirenokai Shibuya studio
2004 Ended a correspondence course called "Needlepoint"
2005 From 1993 traveled to various parts of the world to research ethnic embroideries.
On returning to Japan made woks based on her impressions.
2006 England:London Christie's/Hardwick/Tracare/Oxburgh
Russia:St.Petersburg @Hungary:Matyo @@Iceland:Reykjavick
France:Bayeux/Angers @Mexico:Puebla/Juchitan
Greece:athens/Patmos @China:Paking/Shanghai/Kunmin/Shisanpanna
Published:Searching for Embroideries Around the World by Chieko Hoshiai
Began a correspondence course called "Embroidery of Chieko Hoshiai"
2007 Chieko was introduced to Embroidery Canada, Spring 2007,
gTextiles & Artists Around the World" by Carolyn Beacroft
Held (three month) long exhibition at a Shibuya Tokyo art gallery.
2008 Gave a week lecture at gJal Senior Academy"
Began a correspondece course called gThe First Embroidery for Beginners"
2009 Many publishing companies went out of business, so Chieko decided to produce her own pages with the assistance of a professional photographer. 6 pages were completed, like gMy Eternal Cat"etc.
2010 Completed a needlepoint course at NHK Bunka Center.
Chieko produced 14 pages of her works, like gTravel to Israel"etc.

1952 Needlework/Embroidery ; Bunka Shuppan Kyoku
1953 Needlework/Needlepoint ; Bunka Shuppan kyoku
1955 Embroidery/Flowers and Birds ; Kodansha
1984 Four Seasons with Embroidery ; Gakushu Kenkyu Sha
1994 Lecture Vol 1 to Vol 5/Needlepoint ;
Nippon Shugei Center(Japan Correspondence Education Association)
1999 Talking Stitches/History of Great Britain through Embroidery ; Bunka Shuppan Kyoku
2006 Searching for Embroideries Around the World by Chieko Hoshiai
Lecture Vol 1 to 3/Embroidery ;
U-CAN(Japan Correspondence Education Association)

Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum Tokyo
Reproduced "Bradford Table Carpet" by Nirenokai
Victoria and Albert Museum London
"Embroideries of Queen Mary of Scots"
in MRS Magazine (Japanese Edition)
Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov, 1997
"Talking Stitches" / History of Great
Britain through Embroidery

Publisher Bunka Shuppan Kyoku

CEO of Nirenokai

Asahi Culture Centre, Yokohama
Chief Lecturer
Correspondence course / Needlepoint i1994 |2004j
Correspondence cource /Embroidery of Chieko Hoshiai i2006-